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Cart Tenaci

"It has been such a relief to just make sure the cart has been wiped and then to place my device securely around the area where my hands will touch the cart. What a useful device! I have my loyalty card attached and the clerk swipes it when I am ready to check out... I certainly recommend this handy, attractive, and  functional device for everyone who wants to protect himself or herself from germs while shopping." -Norma Holt Davis, Esq.

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Cincinnati Reds

"The NoSweat Cart Tenaci is awesome.  It has helped me feel safer at the grocery store to guard against germs, especially during this unprecedented time.  I feel comfortable that I don’t have to touch my grocery cart and I can use the retractor to swipe my rewards card without touching anything in line when paying.  I highly endorse this product. Thank you!"   -Shellie Petrey. [Exec Ops Manager]

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