About Us

It’s Personal! NoSweat Technologies has designed USA patent equipment that helps reduce the risk of contact with equipment that may be contaminated with MRSA (Staph) and other common diseases while using health and fitness club equipment. Our equipment helps reduce gym enthusiasts carbon footprint by minimizing the use of paper towels and chemicals in the health and fitness club. All the while, club members reduce the risk of exposure to contamination. Our flagship product, The NoSweat Mat equipment is designed to cover health and fitness club equipment. The NoSweat Mat equipment is waterproof and repels sweat on the front side with a waterproof, anti-slip backing. No other mat is designed this way while offering protection and functionality for health and fitness club equipment. The NoSweat Mat equipment is a revolutionary eco-friendly mat due to its design to help preserve the planet from excessive paper towel waste, harsh cleaning chemicals, and the rising cost associated with the upkeep of towels provided by fitness centers. Besides all of that, who really wants to lay in a puddle of someone else’s sweat?



Major Questions and Answers

Q Is there a warranty?

A Yes. The limited 12 month warranty covers, border material separation. Material separation is the front color sheet and the black anti-slip backing. Tares in product along the upper threading where protective mat is generally placed on top is not covered. excessive stretching of the top to place over equipment should not be done. The upper cuff part should not be stretched beyond 1&1/2″ wide and should not be pulled over a thickness of 2″. The product will either be repaired or replaced determined by our quality control department. Please follow directions so that you’ll have years of enjoyment with your NoSweat Mat.  

Q How do I clean my NoSweat product?
A Simply throw your product in the washing machine with items that will not be affected by the Velcro on the product and put on cold regular cycle. Never bleach or place with items that are delicate or could possibly become stained by our product. Products should be washed with like colors or alone.

Q How do I dry my NoSweat product?
A Let air dry. If you are in a rush, simply throw in the dryer and place setting on fluff for 3-10 minutes maximum. Never place your NoSweat product in the dryer on any regular heat setting. This could cause the product to be stiff and non-expandable. The NoSweat product should always be flexible. If your product ever fills stiff simply throw the product in cold water, fully submerging for 30 seconds. This will loosen product so that material and threaded area will be flexible again. Now re-dry product in dryer on fluff setting for 3 minutes max and recheck for flexibility. To air dry use a hanger and fold over a hanger. Then make sure that there is space between the product which will allow air to flow. This will allow the front and back to dry. If you lay product on a surface the side that makes contact with the surface will most likely not dry.

Q What if my mat has shrunk?
A Simply spray your product down with a light spray on both sides or you can simply submerge in water and let air dry. This should fix the situation. Never pull product on the threads. Your product should be carefully pulled and placed on weight room equipment so you do not rip product in the thread areas.

Q How do I return my mat if there’s a defect?
A Simply email us with your concern and we will reply promptly. Then we will check for your product registration. The product registration will help us to identify the warranty you have and the terms of your warranty. Once confirmation has been completed within 48 hours we will give you the go-ahead to send your product back to us. Next you will be given directions to UPS Your product back to us in a UPS or mailer package that saves you money but contains the product’s safety. Your product will be replaced after our quality control department made repairs. Within 7-10 business days you should receive your repaired or new replacement product. You can track the process of your product’s return once we email you about your product. When we ship your repaired or replacement product back to you we will provide you with a tracking number.

As with any product that you ingest, place on, or use, you should first make sure that you have no allergies to the material makeup of the product. NoSweat Technologies, LLC Cincinnati-Texas advises that you make sure that you have no allergies to neoprene, vinyl, or rubber. If you do have any allergies to either of these two materials do not use our products.